Vision, Mission and Message

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To provide legal services in accordance with the finest international standards through the best investment of our human resources, use the global technique, establish and maintain a work environment that enhance creativity.Providing legal services with high professionalism within a stimulating environment characterized by professionalism and transparency and contributing to achieving the justice system.

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A leading institution in providing legal services to the public and government agencies contributing to the realization of the justice system.

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Transparency: a slogan shared by the Ministry of Justice with the rest of the state's agencies and ​institutions achieved through cooperation, partnership and harmony in a way that serves the public interest.

Cooperation: teamwork between colleagues and partners on the basis of mutual respect to reach the goal.

Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement in providing service and maintaining quality.

Innovation and Creativity: It requires adopting the best international practices, striving for continuous development, giving the opportunity for positive creative thinking and rewarding creators and positive initiative owners.

Responsibility: Realizing responsibility and concern and providing service to stakeholders accurately.​