The Ministry of Justice Wins the Excellence Award in Geographic Information Systems


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), represented by the Information Systems Department, has achieved the (SAGAwod), an Excellence Award, in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), presented by the American Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), the world's leading institute in the field of geographic information systems.


The award was announced for the Information Systems Department through a conference organized by the Institute through visual communication technology, in the presence of Mr. Khaled Mohamed Amin Ibrahim, Director of the Information Systems Department at MOJ.
On this occasion, Mr. Khaled Mohamed Amin Ibrahim said that obtaining this award is the result of the support and guidance of HE Mr. Masoud Al Ameri, Minister of Justice.
Also, he pointed out that the GIS Excellence Award is presented to ministries and institutions that received the highest rating in a set of criteria set by the Winners' Selection Committee, which is an independent committee that has scientific and objective criteria for selecting candidates for the award, and awarding it to those who are qualified later.
Furthermore, the Director of the Information Systems Department at MOJ said that this award reflects the level of development and modernization reached by the digital systems in the Ministry, foremost of which are GIS, which have been developed according to the latest international systems and are most consistent with information security and cybersecurity standards.
Finally, Mr. Khaled Mohamed Amin Ibrahim said that MJO has completed an integrated digital system to serve the public and to serve the relevant government sectors, with which it has been digitally linked, such as the Ministry of Interior (MOI), the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), which provided support and assistance to achieve the success of joint projects, foremost of which is this project, which we celebrate for obtaining the highest global award, as well as its counterparts; the technical projects.