Legal Awareness


Our vision is to create a community aware of its rights and duties in a clear and justice legal framework, and to achieve justice and equality values in the community.


To enable all citizens, residents, visitors and investors to perform their legal rights, and to do their duties as endorsed by jurists, by disseminating the culture of legal awareness in the community, which will contribute to achieve development and welfare for citizens and residents in the State of Qatar territory.

Dissemination of legal culture is an essential objective of the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice represented by the Legal and judicial studies center strives to disseminate the culture of respecting the law inside the State of Qatar, which ensures peace and security for citizens.

Objectives of dissemination of legal awareness:

  • Unifying the sources of legal culture that are offered to the community both domestically and abroad.
  • Pursuing the principle of transparency, equality and legal supremacy.
  • Harnessing all the technical and traditional potentials to spread the culture of legal awareness.
  • Developing awareness of Qatari citizens and residents on Qatar territory of the importance of adhering to his freedom while respecting the freedom of others.
  • Developing the ability of Qatari citizens to express their opinion and defend their rights under the rule of law.​

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    About Qatar Legal Portal - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  About Qatar Legal Portal

    Qatar Legal Portal (Al Meezan) is a comprehensive website that includes all in force, modified, and annulled legislations since 1961, and the judicial rulings promulgated from the Court of Cassation, which were compiled and indexed by the technical office of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and extracting the legal principles and legal opinions issued by the Fatwa Administration and Contracts at the MOJ formerly, in addition to specialized doctrinal references.

    The website is administrated by innovative scientific and professional methods carried out by qualified and distinguished human cadres based on professionalism in its best ways. They are able to cope with the advanced technological development that are not restrained and equipped with the best international expertise using the latest modern technical means, which makes the Qatari legal information website (Al Meezan) a unique model whether in  technology or in the methodology of presenting legal information and search mechanism.

    Many advantages are achieved through this website, at the forefront is the identification of the Qatari legal system at the national, regional and international levels, to facilitates access to the right legal information with the least effort and the fastest time, and to participate in spreading the legal knowledge, enhancing citizens' awareness of their rights, duties and the performance of their constitutional right to practice and contribute effectively to enriching  the political, social, and economic life at the State of Qatar through the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al -Thani,  the sponsor of the modern revival in achieving an advanced information society.    ​