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Definition of Official Gazette:

 It is a method to publish all the legislation to inform the people with the newly issued legislation (Article (1) of Law (1) of 1961)

Publishing in the Official Gazette:

Any legislation shall be published in the official Gazette and come into effect after thirty days. The said period may be shortened or extended by express explicit provision in the new legislation.

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      Subscribing in the Official Gazette:

      Visit in person the Ministry of Justice in the ninth floor, and pay the subscription fees about QR 225 inside Qatar, QR 450 for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Arab countries, and QR 550 for Europe, America and Asia. Register the mobile number of the subscriber to notify him/her of the issuance of the official Gazette​

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          Contact the Official Gazette:

          Translation and Official Gazette Section Head Mr. Mohammed Younis Jassiman
          Secretarial of the Translation and Official Gazette Section
          • Phone: 40215360- 40215338

          To express your views and suggestions with any legislative tool:

          • Interpretation of text.
          • Drawing judgments.
          • Statement of legislative gaps.