Open Data

​Within the framework of ​the Ministry of Justice endeavors to cope with the Gov​ernment of Qatar's digital policy, and in pursuing to achieve the goals of the Government's Digital Strategy 2020, the MOJ has begun to enhance efficiency and transparency in providing the publicly- accessible data to build a knowledge​-based society, and to create an open and transpa​rent culture that maintains the modern foundations of knowledge and accessibility through the open data available on its website; which we hope to be reflected on the development of the ability of data processing and sharing regularly among the governmental institutions on one hand and between these institutions and the public at the other. Within this general framework, open data of the MOJ services have been provided, to facilitate public accessibility to it through the following tools and links:​

Weekly Real Estate Bulletin: ​​​

The Ministry of Justice provides official and private entities, as well as investors, with weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual real estate bulletins.

These bulletins are issued by the Real Estate Registration Department, and they show the real estate price transaction activity in the State.

They are the only official sources of real estate trading movement in the State, the reading and analysis of trading indicators, and their upward or downward movement.

Reading and analyzing trading indicators and its movement up or down. The Ministry is keen that these bulletins accurately express the correct trading movement in the market so as not to lead to wrong investment decisions, whether in individual transactions between citizens, or in financial transactions between traders and businessmen.

In this regard, the administrative units of the Ministry of Justice conduct a comprehensive review of real estate bulletins, and check market data in terms of prices, areas, descriptions and types of real estate, and the volume of transactions. Evaluation prices are also reviewed periodically in coordination with the Real Estate Registration Department and the competent authorities in the state to ensure the compatibility of prices in the real estate market in accordance with for controls and limitations that provide the approximate value of the property.

Considering the importance of these bulletins, they have been enhanced with price index graphs, and a statement of the trading movement, according to the scope of the various regions and municipalities in the state.

The bulletin also provides a view of the top 10 real estate deals, trading volume and mortgage transactions, which provides real estate offices, brokers interested in this sector and professionals with accurate and data that enables investors, whether at home or abroad, to make decisions, whether buying or selling, and enhances transparency Which is considered the most prominent elements of the economic policy to support and encourage the Qatari investment environment and its competitive components.

Weekly Real Estate Bulletin​