Privacy Policy

Personal Identification Information:

Personal information shall not be collected unless it is voluntary submitted as needed, for example; during registration processes and application submission, all personal information you share with us may remain confidential. Your name or any related personal identification information shall not be sold or shared with any third party unless it is required to implement the applications and services. The Ministry website is entitled to disclose the necessary information in accordance with the law, regulation, or governmental request. Further information on this use is provided later in this privacy policy.

Non-personal identification information:

Non personal information is collected through our website technology to create a more personal and relevant experience during your visit of the website. Such information allows us to enhance job performance of the website to provide you with services in a better way.

Personal Identification Information Collection:

Personal Identification Information may be collected during registration, submission of applications, dealing with customers' service, or your participation in opinion polls.

Customer service:

Personal identification information may be collected in the event you report a problem or inquire about something to the customer service team (s). A Record for this correspondence shall be maintained, in order to provide you an ideal experience of customer service.

Use of personal identification information:

Your personal identification information shall not be sold, traded, or rented to third parties. However, the Ministry of Justice website is entitled to disclose the necessary information any time in accordance with the law, regulation, or government request. Additionally, the privacy policy and confidentiality of the Ministry is in conformity with service terms and it is possible to use and disclose your personal known information clearly according to the privacy policy terms.

Information protection guarantee:

Your information is protected during processing and storage. As you use the website, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encodes all the information you enter before sending. In this way, all information of the customers is maintained secure against unauthorized access on secure system servers.

Data processing:

The information collected by the MOJ is stored on the servers of the State of Qatar, and shall not be transferred to any country unless it is required a s a part of precautionary measures to maintain data.

The laws and privacy requirements differ from one country to another. However, please note that all information to be collected through the Ministry's website shall be maintained by these Privacy Policy conditions, and that any Privacy notifications shall be applied to you, regardless of the country from which the information is issued.

E-mail Policy:

The Ministry of Justice shall not share, sell, rent, or exchange your e-mail address or permit any third parties to use commercially. If you receive an e-mail message from us by mistake, you may contact:

Privacy Policy Modifications:

This Privacy Policy may be altered at anytime. Any alterations to this page shall be published. The information being collected during the validity of a particular version of this policy shall be treated accordingly.​