Ministry of Justice includes, acc​ording to its competencies, a group of services it provides for individuals, companies, and governmental authorities. The ministry, in accordance with the Strategic Plans for Digital Transformation, is engaging in providing a wide variety of services through its online channels that is consistent with guiding the digital government to the streamlining of procedures and decrease the time of implementing the service, in addition to the variety of websites and mechanisms for having the services. The ministry has launched a variety of online services and is continuing to the transformation plan to finish transforming all service to online services until the first quarter of 2019. The services provided by the ministry is as follows:

  • Real Estate Registration Services:

    It is the services related to the competency of Real Estate Registration Department services as land transfer and services of organizational modification, in addition to other services such as ownership disclosure. These services are provided online through SAK portal. Department of Real Estate Registration is competent to provide application of allocation of lands under the competency of the Department of Real Estate Registration. In addition to, the real estate brokerage services that is competent with the application of licensing and advertising the real estate brokerage offices, is one of the recent competencies for the ministry.

  • Documentation Services:​

    The Authentication Services is competent to provide services of documentation and issuing power of attorney along with contract documentation and proof of date services. Moreover, recently added services for the authentication competencies according to Law no (3 of 2017) regarding authorized notary services, and authentication services are available through SAK portal.

  • Services of the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies:

    The Center supervise the online portal of Qatar (Almeezan) which is responsible for disseminate legalizations and the entire legal information related to Qatar, in addition to group of legal awareness-raising materials.

  • Services of the State Cases Department:

    State Cases Department provides online inquiry about the cases related to authorities. The online inquiry service will be launched through the ministry website in the fourth quarter of 2018. The department provides it now through the online governmental correspondences.

  • Services of Contracts Department:

    It is competent in the issuance of the official gazette of the state, in addition to contracts reviewing services that are related to non-governmental authorities and authentication of translation. The department is working now on improving its services to be available online through the ministry website, and shall be available at the end of the fourth quarter of 2018. The department provides contract services now through the online governmental correspondences.

  • Mobile Applications:

    It includes the application of instrumnet and appraiser application which aims to facilitate access to electronic services to the public.

  • Other Services:

    The Ministry of Justice provides a variety of other additional services that the ministry works on transforming it to be online through the ministry website.The ministry provides it now through the online governmental correspondences or receiving the applications through its service centers located all over the state, in addition to online communication methods. These services include:

    1. Absher Service: It is services of getting the signature to conclude transactions of elders, patients, the disabled and persons of similar status, who face difficulties in visiting the services centers of Ministry.
    2. Registration and licensing the legal professions such as advocacy / expertise / real estate brokerage.
    3. Subscription for the official gazette.
    4. Registration in the legal awareness programs provided by the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies.
    5. Registration in the periodicals such as weekly, monthly, annual real estate releases, newsletters, and Legal awareness leaflets.