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​SAK Application - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  ​SAK Application

​SAK Application :

Is the official application adopted by the Department of Real Estate Registration at the Ministry of Justice in Qatar, used to process e-services, which is a part of the ministry endeavors aim to facilitate services and deliver them to the application users quickly and smartly, taking into consideration the importance of the privacy and confidentiality of their data. SAK application considered as one of the access channels to the Services of real estate registration and documentation in the Ministry of Justice, in which various services delivered to a wide range of beneficiaries (Individuals, Businesses, Investors, Government bodies).

an image representing the sak applicationSAK Application Services:​

  1. Documentation Services:
  • Signature attestations
  • Documentation (Mortgage, Sale, power of attornies, Documentations) 
  1. Real Estate Registration Services: ​
  • Real Estate Services (Ownership deeds, Architectural plan, Replacement of lost ownership deed, Correction of Owner name)
  • Transfer of Real Estate Ownership
  • Real Estate Bulletin

Activating SAK Application:​

​Application requirement:

  • An account with Hukoomi (for users who are not registered with Hukoomi you can create an account from this link  H​ere and visit the nearest office affiliated to Ministry of Justice to activate your account.
  • Access to SAK portal and submit your application after filling it in with your data through the user account (Hukoomi Qatar)
  • Activate the Service from the nearest center affiliated to Ministry of Justice vide  Services Center Locations

Download SAK  application:

download sak application from app store download sak application from google play

Al-mothamin Application - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  Al-mothamin Application

Al-mothamin Application:

Is a free application that Assists those who want to buy or sell real estate to know the approximate prices of real estate, such application was established based on a group of parameters adjustable by users during the valuation process, and the outcome value is an approximate value, does not necessarily mean the actual value of the real estate. It also allows the valuation process based on Real Estate number owned by the user; in case he/she desires to get an approximate value of his/her real estate.

an image representing the al-mothamin application Al-mothamin Application Services:​

  1. Knowing the approximate prices of the real estate.
  2. Allowing the valuation process based on Real Estate number owned by the user, in case he/she desires to get an approximate value of his/her real estate.
  3. Knowing the location of the real estate through the location link.
  4. Viewing the graphic chart indicating the Foot price.
  5. Sharing your opinions and feedback.

Al-mothamin Application user manual:​

  • Valuation:
  1. Enter the number of Real Estate/Surveying Number.
  2. Press Valuate Dummy
  • Valuation:Knowing the approximate prices of real estate.
  1. Press Dummy Valuation.
  2. Select City - Area - District - Plot.
  3. Enter the Area of the land.
  4. Select the description of the real estate (Vacant Land, Building).

​Downloading Al-mothamin Application:

download al mothamin app from app store download al mothamin app from google play

Al-Meezan application - Allows authors to enter rich text content.  Al-Meezan application

Al-Meezan​ Application:

The application of the Qatari Legal Portal (Al-Meezan) is a comprehensive application that includes all the legislation in effect, amended and repealed since 1961 and  the judicial rulings issued by the Court of Cassation, which the Technical Office of the Supreme Judicial Council has classified, indexed and extracted from legal principles and legal opinions issued by the Fatwa and Contracts Department at the Ministry of Justice, in addition to specialized jurisprudential references.

The application is managed by innovative scientific and professional methods and means that are carried out by qualified and distinguished human cadres based on professionalism in its best ways and able to keep pace with the technological explosion that does not rest armed with the best global experiences, and the latest modern technical means have been used, which makes the Qatari Legal Information Network (Al-Meezan) a model Unique, whether in the technology used or in the methodology for presenting legal information and the mechanism for searching it.

an image representing the al-meezan applicationBenefits of the application ​:​

  • Introducing the Qatari legal system at the local, regional and international levels
  • Facilitating access to correct legal information with the least effort and the fastest time
  • Contribute to spreading legal knowledge.
  • Enhancing the citizen's awareness of his rights and duties and his exercise of his constitutional right to practice and actively contribute to enriching the political, social and economic life of the State of Qatar.

​Downloading Al-Meezan Application:

download al meezan app from app store download al meezan app from google play